Young Adults Counseling

Therapy for Young Adults in Denver, Colorado

Young Adults Counseling in Denver, Colorado

The twenties are a critical period of adulthood. These are the years when it will be easiest to start the lives we want. Our twenties are a time when our experiences disproportionately influence the adult lives we will lead. Twenty-first century twentysomethings have the opportunity to build the lives they want – ones in which work, love, the brain and the body might all be in on it together. It is a pivotal time when the things we do – and the things we don’t do – will have an enormous effect across years and even generations to come. Young adults counseling helps you guide your way through this time.

I love working with young adults who are “awake” enough to look at themselves and their patterns in relationships and work. Therapy at this stage of life can improve your chances of creating the relationships and life you dream of.

This is not just a job to me. This is your life and I would be honored to help you with whatever challenges you face regarding relationships with others or with yourself.

Young adults don't emerge, they are made.


A Compelling Video about Young Adulthood