5 Peculiar Things My 1-Year Old Does

by | Mar 20, 2014

So, as a first time mom I’m not sure what is normal baby behavior and what is unusual – so here is a list of things I find my one-year old doing that I’m not sure what to make of –

Anyone out there have similar experiences?

5 Peculiar Things My 1-Year Old Does1. Moans Incredibly Loudly While Eating

Did anyone ever see the episode of Friends where Phoebe gives Monica the back rub and she moans so loudly it makes the whole situation turn a tad awkward? Well, I imagine this will be my daughter in 25 years. She moans so loudly out of sheer contented happiness while eating people turn their heads in public places to see what could possibly be happening.

2. Is Obsessed with the Pile of Shoes by the Door

What is it about a pile of stinky, dirty shoes that is so attractive to my child? Is it the filthy rubber soles? The dingy fabric sides? Or the mysterious, odiferous foot holes she can stick her hand in? These shoes call to her like Sirens to Odysseus – alluring and slightly dangerous (you know, with all the city germs and goose poop from the park) – she mustgototheshoes.

3. Turns All Her Toys Face Down

The new baby computer, the Meowsic Keyboard, the Fisher Price piano – she prefers them to be face down on the floor. At which point she just looks at them and smiles.

4. Constantly Tries to Drink Her Bathwater

I have had to remove any object capable of holding water from her bath because every time I turn my head she has dipped the receptacle into the water and is hurriedly trying to get the water to her mouth. It’s like she’s been lost in the desert for days and finally see’s a sparkling pool of beautiful, delicious water. I would always catch her with a fountain of water spilling down her chin and eyes trying to see “Look how clever I am!” Since removing the water-holding toys, she now tries to lap it up like a dog. Oh lord…

5. Pulls Her Own Hair

The look on her face is sort of like she’s trying to slip her arm around someone without them noticing – and then she grabs these little tufts of hair behind her ears and pulls – HARD! The feeling of having her hair pulled seems to surprise her – every single time she does it.

Roxann Blue
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