No one told me, but I’m telling you!

This post is for parents to help them process the back-to-school phase. No one told me these things and I wished I knew these before. I see my friends with young kids celebrating that it’s back-to-school. There is breathing room in their schedules once again. At the same time, they are marveling at how their […]

It was a “high stakes” weekend

Two weekends ago, my son married his best friend and I was thrilled. It was a “high stakes weekend” because there was so much to enjoy and I wanted to soak up every bit of it. To be at such a happy event and find myself stressed or just not “present” would feel like a […]

An Open Letter to My Son About Marriage

This will be a week I remember forever. My middle son and his fiancee’ will be surrounded by their loved ones in the Colorado Rockies as they marry each other. Five years ago when I first looked her up on Facebook after he told me her name, I had no idea if she would be a […]

Being out of balance is part of being fully alive

I go to yoga to care for my body, but sometimes the biggest impact is on my mind! In my last class, my instructor shared perspectives that I needed to hear. I’m sharing it in case you need to hear it, too. Her* message was about yoga, but it applies to parenting, too. I believe […]

Wowza, there’s a lot to tell you!

I’m back from family vacation at the beach to visit “Gammy.” We kept up our traditions of corn hole on the beach, body surfing in the Atlantic, ice cream, lobster, bbq at the beach, and our favorite family game, Dutch Blitz. I have THREE big announcements #1: The website for The Moms Group is live!  Check it […]

The biggest mistake is thinking we have time

When you shuffle the deck of cards for your life, which ones pop to the top? Every human being has his/her own story. But one thing is common in all of us, and that is thinking we have time! Since the day my first son was born, the cards most commonly played in my life […]

I don’t really talk about this, but…

Happy 4th of July weekend. I don’t talk much about this, but I went through hell a handful of years ago. Now I’m working on a TEDTalk and keynote with one of my sons, which requires me to go through old letters and journal entries to remember the details of our shared trauma. I’ll share more of […]

The best thing I’ve heard a dad say

First off, to all the dads, Happy Father’s Day! Today we honor the importance of your presence in your children’s lives. Kids with good dads are lucky kids. This year, my husband’s card says, “It takes a strong man to be such a sweet dad.” Remember the toilet paper add for “Stroft” tp? Strong and […]

Put a Finger Down Game – Parent’s Edition

Time to have some fun this week!  Or at least, to give ourselves a chance to laugh at our parenting imperfections. Put a finger down game, the parent’s edition, is all about owning and sharing our stumbles as we parents navigate the challenges of raising young humans. None of us get it all right every […]