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Are past wounds and daily stressors straining your ability to live as your strong, authentic self? Is your child or teen struggling with anxiety or self-esteem?  You belong here if you’re looking for an empathetic, supportive space for discovery, healing and growth. You deserve to feel better and together, we can take intentional actions so therapy feels productive, helpful and meaningful.

 You don’t have to tackle change alone. My clients receive numerous effective, strength-based methodologies to tackle personal and relational needs and goals. My specialties include trauma, attachment, heightened moods (anxiety, depression), and relational work; including a focus on children and teens, parents, and couples. Specialties also include executive functioning (ADHD) and the gifted population. Life can improve. Reach out and let’s connect today.  

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Few go through life without some level of trauma threatening their sense of safety, control or connection. Together, we can work toward healing trauma wounds and responses, understanding triggers, and discovering relief for your nervous system. Effective methods of EMDR and IFS are available (play-therapy for children).


Our deep need to belong and find love and security with others leads to attachment styles from an early age. Insecure attachments can create troubling behavior patterns in our love life, parenting choices, and friendships? Determine your attachment style, how it impacts your relationships and ways to move toward a secure attachment within yourself and with others.

Heightened Emotions

Relief can be found from surging anxiety, depression or anger. Maybe it’s to the level of impacting your parenting, relationships, or you see it in your children? Come find understanding around the emotions, strategies for relief, and a toolbox for change and growth. For children/teens, play, art and bibliotherapy are available.

Relational Work

Relationships are key to our identities and well-being. Couples and families find support to increase understanding, build new skills, and heal wounds with issues such as infidelity, communication troubles, unmet expectations, broken trust, or divorce. My couple work includes how to stay strong, intimate and supportive; preventing problems and building a strong couple bubble.

My Education and Credentials:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Minor in Child and Family Studies
  • Post-Masters Degree in School Psychology (Ed.S.)
  • Licensed Special Service Provider- School Psychologist (SSP)
  • Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP)
  • Marriage and Family Therapist Candidate (MFTC)
  • Internal Family Systems- Clinically Application, Integration with Attachment & Trauma (IFS)
  • Level 1 Gottman Method Couples Therapy
  • Emotionally Focussed Therapy for Couples; Attachment Based Interventions for Couples (EFT)
  • EMDR- Maiberger Institute

”I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.”

– Brene Brown

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I look forward to discovering if we are a good fit.

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Debbie Bassett MA, LPCC, MFTC

My focus includes trauma, attachment, anxiety, depression, and relational work; including a focus on children and teens, parents, and couples.  Learn more

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My practice is quite full, however I am accepting new clients if I feel there is a good fit and I can be helpful.  Please share what brings you to seek therapy at this time.

I look forward to discovering if we are a good fit.

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I look forward to discovering if we are a good fit.

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