Kerry Stutzman

Parentologist, LMFT

Looking for a dynamic, charismatic, and inspired speaker whose professional and personal focus is on parenting and creating close, connected families from cradle to college?

You have come to the right place. Kerry Stutzman inspires, entertains and teaches parents how to bring emotional intelligence to the craft of parenting. Kerry brings informative and engaging material to every audience with humor, storytelling, experiential learning, and practical strategies. As a parenting expert, her interactive style of presenting has made audiences laugh, cry, and learn. Kerry is available for webinars, keynotes, workshops, and retreats that will motivate your audience to be the parents they want their children to have.  

She has spoken to groups up to 800 people.

Keystone Topics

Other Presentation Topics

  • Keep Your Teens and ‘Tweens Talking to You
  • Putting an End to Whining and Arguing
  • Putting an End to Misbehavior
  • Sanity Savers for Raising Young Children
  • One-Day Crash Course: Parenting ‘Tweens and Teens
  • One-Day Crash Course: Parenting Early Childhood

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“There are so many curveballs and moments of uncertainty in parenting ‘tweens and teens. In this presentation, we will focus on trouble spots such as keeping our big kids talking to us, putting an end to arguing and yelling, and being the kind of parent your child can confide in.”

Operation Parent is tackling some of the most vexing challenges parents face today. Recently, Kerry shared strategies for parents to keep their teens and ‘tweens talking to them.

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