Couples Therapy

It’s so painful to feel disconnected from your partner. Couples therapy can help each of you feel seen and known and understood. It’s a time for new conversations and new patterns of interaction.

Communication, parenting, sex, money, chores, betrayal, faith, blended families …. we can work on whatever is causing you pain.  If you and your loved one are fighting “mean” or if the number of “off-limits” topics and closed doors are growing, it might be time to get help for your relationship. When working with couples, we often focus on a few major themes:

  • Growing what is already good about your relationship.
  • Supporting you in seeing and being seen for who you truly are.
  • Bringing your own best self to life.

We look at reasonable and unreasonable expectations. We can talk about sex and intimacy. We talk about playfulness and friendship. We work on managing conflict. We build emotional safety. We work on same-page parenting when relevant. We work on communicating effectively with one another. We can talk about anything from the mundane to the divine.

We will roll up our sleeves and work on repairing your relationship. Our job is to help you build such a strong, healthy connection that you don’t need to keep coming to therapy. Each one of our team members has training in various research-based couples’ therapy models. Check out their individual pages to learn more.

We love watching a couple go from being distant and apart, to regaining friendship and connection.

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Kerry Stutzman MSW, LMFT

My passion is helping my clients develop close, connected families and healthy relationships. For the past 20 years I have been helping people discover the best version of themselves.  Learn more

Brett King LPCC NCC, MFT

My specialty is couples therapy with parents. I also have expertise in parenting, betrayal recovery, and addiction.  Learn more

Amy Cobb - Parent Coach

Amy Cobb MS Family/Human Development

I specialize in working with parents and caregivers with children from cradle to college, with special focus from birth – 10 years old. Learn more

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