Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about taking a Love and Logic® Parenting Class with Kerry

What is Love and Logic?

Love and Logic is a philosophy of raising and teaching children which allows adults to be happier, more empowered, and more effective in their interactions with their children. "Love" means loving children enough to let them grow through their mistakes. "Logic" means allowing children to live with the consequences of their choices, and learn about how the real world works. Love and Logic® is a way of working with children that puts parents back in control, teaches children to be responsible, and prepares young people to live in the real world, with its many choices and consequences.


When is the right time to take a parenting workshop?

It's never too late or too early to take the Love and Logic® workshop. Many parents take the workshop more than once throughout their kids' childhoods, because their issues and questions change as their children grow. At about the age of eight or nine months, we can begin using the techniques of Love and Logic and see our children respond. If you begin when your children are teenagers, it'll take a while for results to show up, but they will.


For what ages is "Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun!™"?

The curriculum for the early childhood workshop is geared specifically towards parents of children from infancy up through around age seven. The stories and issues addressed are focused on children this age, but the Love and Logic principles apply to all ages of children.


Will Love and Logic work if only one parent is using it?

It's always best if both parents are on the same page with their parenting styles and support each other. If only one parent can come to the workshop, it's helpful if the other one listens to some Love and Logic cds to get the idea of what his/her spouse is learning. The authors of the curriculum stress that kids will adapt to parents having various discipline styles. So, bottom line: it's best if both parents can attend, but if not, one is better than none.


What if I miss a class that I paid for?

You can attend a make up class at any future class that Kerry is teaching.


What if I want to take the class but cannot find childcare?

Contact Kerry directly. Chances are good that I can help find someone for you, either at the facility where the class is being taught, or I may be able to recommend someonepeople who would be available to babysit in your home.


What if I need more than a parenting class?

Once again, contact Kerry. I offer one-on-one parent coaching, where we sit down and discuss solutions to various parenting challenges. I am currently working on my license in marriage and family therapy, and may be available to provide marriage and/or family counseling to help get your family running more smoothly.


What are your qualifications for marriage and family therapy?

I earned my master's degree in social work (MSW) from Denver University in 1992. I am currently working on my license in marriage and family therapy (LMFT) at the Denver Family Institute, where I receive continuing training in marriage and family counseling. In addition to taking classes, I see clients there and receive supervision weekly. I love working with parents and children as well as individuals. I also enjoy working with couples who want to strengthen their relationships, or whose marriage is "on the brink" of divorce.