Dare to be Daring

Living the Life

Every time I’ve stepped out of my self-imposed box, I’ve felt more alive, like I’m living the life I live.”

I’ve been a “good girl” and a responsible mother. I’ve lived plenty of my life following the rules. But when I look back over my years, the parts that make me smile the most are when I have dared to be daring. Some examples: getting on my bicycle after college and riding home to Denver from Virginia with a friend.

Meeting up with my college roommate and starting a 6 month, round-the-world adventure. At age 26, starting a non-profit to move the dial on diversity appreciation and non-violence (Building Bridges). Daring to end a toxic marriage, be a single mother of 3, and go back to school. Along with, daring to become a therapist and start my business. And now, daring to leave home and live a semi-nomadic life in an RV.

Clearly, all of those leaps have been scary. It’s been risky, throwing myself into something new that might flop. Each of those decisions has made me face my fears and anxieties. And, every time I’ve stepped out of my self-imposed box, I’ve felt more like I’m living the life I live.

Sharing Her Story of Living the Life

I just received the best email from a former client. Briefly, she wrote, “thank you for the session we had in 2019. It was life-changing. You shared tools to empower me to follow my intuition to be home with my family. A month after giving notice, the pandemic hit. It was hard work to be at home under those conditions, but it was exactly where I needed to be and my family is more resilient and thriving because of that time together.” 

That wasn’t me…. that was HER, listening to her own intuition to make a huge lifestyle change that seemed so scary. But something inside of her was itchy, needing the courage to make a change. And now, she’s so happy, she is living the life. So often, this is what therapy is… learning to listen to your own inner wisdom.

Listen to Yourself

Living the life

What about you? Is something itchy inside, longing to be expressed? Also, is there something you want to start? Or stop? Whether it’s a minor change or a huge lifestyle changeI invite you to listen. Give yourself permission to dial into that inner longing. 

Don’t worry about the “how,” just notice the “what.” What is moving inside of you? Without having to understand the “how,” can you simply observe what wants to come to life? What does it mean to you by living the life?

That’s it. Just notice. Is there a “yes” somewhere inside?

More importantly, I believe that when we can say “yes,” the “how” becomes clear.

Be brave. Listen.

I’d love to hear what’s moving inside of you. Personally, there’s plenty moving inside of me these days. However, It’s scary but I’m going for it: a community for moms to feel seen, known, and supported. Undoubtedly, it’s a place to learn and grow. I’m daring to be brave and follow my heart; will you?


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